dimecres, 11 d’abril de 2012



How's everyone today??

I post from my french class.

I forgot I had a blog, and post on it. I feel so sorry. I think I've lost my followers (?) (I HAD followers? really?)

well, I didn't record sweet magic, I finally found it boring .____. I feel sorry.

It has happened a lot of good things to me during all this time!!!

Next time, I post everything, I must leave!!

Lots of love,


dijous, 17 de novembre de 2011

Sweet Magic

How's everyone todaaay??

Next dance: Sweet (and cutie >w<) magic
It'll de recorded this Sunday!!

I think sweet magic is a very cute song, and it has been danced by Tadanon and Kyouhu, Iroha and Bea, Nyamo, Kozue, and more dancers. The coreographer of that song is Sacchaso (さっちゃそ).
She's a very good dancer and her original coreographys are very enjoyable for everyone (the dancers, and the viewers)

well, I upload here the version of Bea and Iroha, one of my favourite versions of this dance.

See you soon

diumenge, 23 d’octubre de 2011


It has been a long time since I uploaded the last news. A lot of things have changes this last month.

Next week, there's a big event called "Saló del manga". It´s like a Japan weekend, but in Barcelona. I hope I'm going to see a lots of japanese boys >w< JYJ (a corean music group) Is going to play there. They will make a concert.
But, I want to meet more dancers there (OMG pleaseeeee!! ><)and visit aaaaaall the stands and, I won't be able to buy a lots of things, but, I love watching them.
I want to see all my friends there >w< and, before having dinner, dance something outside there >w< omg omg omg I want to go there NOW *^*

Has someone seen Nico nico dance master 3?? IT WAS AWESOME!!

well I haven't got more time and I can't write more. See you tomorrow~♥

dissabte, 9 de juliol de 2011

After some broadcast, go to bed

It's 1:30 am and I'm goig to go to bed early.

Today I enjoyed everything happened.

I met a Japanese boy called Koki and we became friends. He's a very nice person ^^ hope we'll keep in touch ^^

I've watched a lot of broadcasts. The first I watched, was REIBLICKE-san, I think we were only 2 or 3 persons in the live, so it was kinda nice. I told him that it was hard for me understanding him because I'm learning Japanese and mine is so poor. I added him on skype and we had a little conversation. I saw すーこー-san too. I really love his blue hair. He knows were I am from, so when I asked him about his birthday, he answered me "September", it surprised me, because he told me it in English, we had a short conversation on Skype talking about our birthdays. After that, I saw Kouchan-san's broadcasts (he made 2) he was very nice ^^ yes, and we laughed a lot together, there were 15 people watching it i think... i can't remember it >.< but there wasn't a lot of people, and Sharuru and I were the persons who commented the most :D I tried to watch Sharuru-san's broadcasts but I wasn't able because I saw that Tadanon-san, Okame-san and Chiichan were commenting, and I get nervous because they are for me the best dancers >.<

For ending the day, I saw more than 2 hours of Fogeru-san, Merochin-san and Shusaku-san(watch the picture), They were very funny!

Oh! I forget to tell you that this morning I've been talking with Tomomi-san on Skype (tomomi is a Japanese girl too lol)

dimecres, 6 de juliol de 2011


I'm sorry, very¡y sorry >.<

Today, I want to talk about Nyantaro-san. He is an amazing dancer, isn't he? I really love how does he moves.

His newest dance(Please watch it in HD):

I really loved this video when I watched it on nico nico. The coordination with the music is perfect, and his moves are... (perfect too?) I have no words to describe it xD

Well, he has a "team" called "Nyantaro Project"(にゃんたろProject) and they are awesome too (hahahaha I really love a lot of Japanese dancers). That unit was created for the "Nico Nico Dance Master 2", but, after the event, they made a comunity on nico nico (If I'm not wrong) so, I hope they'll be able to do more dances together (and upload them on nico nico) ^^

Their first dance is here:

divendres, 24 de juny de 2011


Konnichi wa, minna!!

How are you today?

I haven't got news xDD I need to learn and practice more dances. For now, I'm uploading one "Practice" of "Heartbeats". I really love this song, but I don't like the shorts that I was wearing.

Tonight I had a nightmare. It was horrible >.< but, when I woke up, I saw one video of 2 of my Idols on nico nico, so, here you've got it! I really love this song, and this dance!!

dimarts, 21 de juny de 2011

Today News!

I've just finished school!! Summer vacation has just started!!

I've just tried to record some video... but I can't, sorry!!

Tomorrow I'll visit the hairdresser's and I'll cut (only a bit) my hair >w<

Tadanon is very cute, isn't he? >w< I love his smile.

Talking about idols! My friend Laia did that photo: there are the names of some (not all) our idols (only male), >w< Doesn't it rocks? (click on the picture to see full size)

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